How do beliefs, culture, and thought shape corporeal life? How do somatic orientations and engagements shape mental space? How might examining and playing with, and in, these relationships positively destabilize notions of gender, sexuality, work, nature, politics, power, and death?  

Hana van der Kolk is a dancer, artist, educator, and organizer of community events, spaces, and experiences. She has worked extensively in Los Angeles and is currently based in Troy, NY, working frequently in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hana has collaborated with many people including Asher Woodworth, Ethan Kiermaier, Senem Pirler, Kamryn Wolf, Lailye Weidman, Tomislav Feller, Winnie Ho, Joy Mariama Smith. Tove Sahlin, Sean Desiree, Megan Daalder, Jane Pickett, Justin Streichman, Ellen Foster, Jason Martin, Jack Magai, Margit Galanter, and  Betta de Boer.  She co-organizes (with Sean Desiree) the seasonal queer fundraiser dance party Polly in Troy, NY, and is a volunteer organizer of the Youth Shop at Troy Bike Rescue. 

Hana has taught in numerous settings nationally and internationally. More about her teaching work at www.radialdiamondkinetics.com.