Hello! I am a queer artist, dancer, movement educator, counselor, former sex worker, and facilitator of community events and spaces.

I have shared work in many places, including Jacuzzi (Amsterdam), Zagreb Dance Center (Croatia), Space Gallery (Portland, ME), Mills Gallery (Boston, MA), the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), REDCAT (Los Angeles), LACE (Los Angeles), Los Angeles Performance Practice, Human Resources (Los Angeles), Kule (Berlin), Turteaturn (Stockholm), Kenuti Guildi Zaal (Estonia), Lion’s Jaw Festival (Boston), The Williams College Museum of Art (Williamstown, MA), Collar Works (Troy, NY), and Machine Project in Los Angeles and with Machine at the Tang Museum (Saratoga Springs, NY) and Colgate University (Hamilton, NY). I have served on the faculty of Williams College, Marlboro College, and the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, and have guest taught at numerous universities, festivals, and community and healing centers internationally. I received my MFA in Dance from UCLA and am currently pursuing a practice-based PhD in Art at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, bringing together my performance background, spiritual/healing practices, and community work to research and engage in creative body-centered practices for more livable futures.

Since 2013 I have worked largely outside of the performance and art contexts focusing on facilitating community events and spaces, offering healing work and accessible movement workshops in rural Tennessee, Amsterdam, and upstate New York, and prioritizing community-building and personal spiritual work rooted in body-centered practices, meditation in the Thai Forest (Buddhist) tradition, and Deep Adaptation and resistance work in the face of climate collapse. For the last 5 years I have been central, along with Sean Desiree and a team of incredible volunteers, to organizing Troy, NY’s underground queer dance party and community fundraiser event Polly. I also serve on the board of Troy Bike Rescue and am one of the dedicated volunteers that makes the Youth Shop program happen. The kids at TBR are loves of my life.

I have collaborated with so many artists, misfits, healers, and others including Tomislav Feller, Asher Woodworth, Ethan Kiermaier, Emily Mast, Nikola Knežević, Adam Tinkle, Steven Snider, Igor Vamos, Kamryn Wolf, Senem Pirler, Lailye Weidman, Jason Martin, Mark Allen, Jack Magai, Julia Handschuh, Layard Thompson, Margit Galanter, Shanna Goldman, Ellen Foster, Tove Sahlin, Winnie Ho, Joy Mariama Smith, Megan May Daalder, Blaine O’Neil, Michele Rizzo, Jane Pickett, Justin Streichman, My Barbarian and Hana Erdman, and I am highly influenced by these incredible beings as well as by Deborah Hay, whose dances I learned and adapted from 2000-2007.

Artist’s Statement:

My focus is creative body-centered practices for more livable futures. It takes the form of participatory practices and events, performance, video, text, costume, and image. These diverse works happen in outdoor public spaces, on stages and in galleries, and in community centers, churches, and other places. My work primarily happens in and with groups of people and non-human kin, and is usually ephemeral, often only partially visible, and always deeply collaborative.

My primary interest and material is the immaterial, the space of sensation, imagination, and intimacy between self, other, and the environment. This interest is rooted in my background in dance, the most illusive and experiential of mediums, and was further deepened by my early engagement with choreographer Deborah Hay who is more interested in how the dancer perceives than what she does. Hay’s approach, along with other early influences, provided me with the embodied realization that the body/mind is a vital and changeable site for transmission, revelation, healing and subversion.

I have a passionate belief that to be in the body, to move with and through the messiness of having a body, to celebrate bodies, to playfully and wisely experiment with what it is to be/have a body is core to ending white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, colonialism, extractivism, and ableism, and facing climate crisis with love and courage. This process is non-instrumental, non-linear, and resists capitalist ideals of productivity and growth and false binaries of sick/well, novice/expert, valuable/discardable. My practice explores the lived experience of this process and its composition, contextualization and aesthetic framing.