radial diamond kinetics

Part non-denominational community ritual, part introspective/meditation practice, part body positive workout, part dance improvisation laboratory, radial diamond kinetics is a multi-dimensional body/heart/mind practice. We move within to connect with and listen to ourselves—to subconscious, intuitive, dream-scape intelligence—and move out to witness and move with one another, building non-verbal communication, trust, and cooperation potentialities. The trajectory of our time together includes a good, sweaty work out (encompassing kinesthetic awareness, stretching, strengthening, and cardio), as well as various approaches to weaving our somatic/body enjoyment, intelligence, and exploration together with our social, political, and spiritual selves and community. No dance experience necessary and the practice can be adapted to many bodies and abilities.

In August 2019 I led the first 3-day intensive radial diamond kinetics leaders training for 10 participants, including those working in chaplaincy, social work, wellness, women’s empowerment, high school education, and elsewhere. The next rdk leaders training geared towards activists and university educators will take place in the winter 2019-2020. Please stay tuned or be in touch for details. More at www.radialdiamondkinetics.com.

Boring Dancing

In past projects Boring Angel and nothingnessXXX I, and my collaborators, have been busy with subtle practices that engage the relationship between a mover and objects and between a mover and space. With these practices it is less about a relationship between, but rather a potential collapse in the difference between a body (and its impulses, thoughts, desires, and actions) and the other objects that body shares space with, as well as the space itself. In this lab we will play with the ‘object practice’ and ‘nothingness practice,’ the modes of working at the heart of these two recent projects, and will have time to write about/discuss how these practices might frame/support re-orientations to the earth/environment, sex, technology, physical ability, governance, consumption, and domination/submission.

Psychic Workout

Psychic Workout is a group experience encompassing numerous practices that invite participants into structured improvisational movement that centralizes the imagination, the impossible, and intimacy between self and other and self and environment. These practices include Reiki Mosh Pit, Gift Dances, and Nothingness Village and encompass both subtle and highly kinetic movement.

Sphincter Secrets (every anus is a portal)

This workshop is a group practice, which invites participants into subtle awareness of the various energetic sphincters in the body through breath and voice work, visualization, and movement. This work reveals hidden tensions in the body/psyche and moves practitioners towards revelation and release.  

Doing Nothing & Discovering Desires

An individual or group practice, Doing Nothing & Discovering Desires invites participants into the magic and potential of doing nothing. No phones, no sleep, no technique, just nothing for an extended period. Out of the nothingness, participants are guided to discover, document, and reflect on desires large and small. 

Cultivating Connection in Body, Mind and Heart: a workshop for cis-gendered* men overcoming the limits of masculinity

This introductory workshop, open to all cis gendered men, offers a series of practices that will support participants in the process of undoing the limiting beliefs about themselves, their bodies, and other people's bodies, which they have inevitably internalized to some degree as male assigned people in a patriarchal culture. These beliefs not only perpetuate an inequitable society and rape culture, but also limit men's enjoyment of life and their potential for real trust and intimacy with others. We approach this work through resting, writing, self-reflection, talking, movement, and non-sexual touch informed by mindfulness practice, conscious communication, dance and performance art, and the Internal Family Systems.


Making geographical maps can be a useful way to orient and understand our surroundings. But mapping can also be a limiting, partial, and even inaccurate practice, one that has historically been used to draw false boundaries in deeply unjust and dividing ways. Likewise, the maps of our bodies are crucial for understanding our physiology and identifying and healing illness. But maps of the body typically do not include the felt sense of our bodies, the way the imagination lives in and enlivens the body, can in fact be born out of the body, the way stories, traumas, and intuition is housed in the body. de-mapping part is an outdoor laboratory consisting of group and solo practices for examining/re-examining the maps we hold in our minds and bodies, including explorations of ancestral lines and stories, and a series of guided movement & awareness practices done outdoors that will allow us to be, observe, and move, awakening sensory wisdom and disorienting/re-orienting ourselves on/with land and in the body. Placing deeply embodied practice alongside information gathering and sharing, we will even go so far as to ask: If we spend time outdoors listening, experimenting, developing embodied intimacy with our surroundings, might we "hear" something about the histories, states of being, practices, and entities/bodies that have been made invisible, made non-existent in favor of others? Can we discover lines of communication dampened by certainty, density and speed?

Activating Allyship

Activating Allyship is a forum on white privilege and allyship designed by Aiyana Masala, Margit Galanter, Shanna Goldman, and Hana van der Kolk. During the 1-2 day curriculum we break down the basics of white privilege and bare witness together to the historical and current white supremacy in contemporary dance/art, and academic spaces, paying particular attention to the intersectionality of racism, classism, and ecological crisis. Drawing from conscious communication, embodiment and mindfulness practices, as well as the Internal Family Systems therapy model, the workshop leaders then facilitate a non-hierarchical space for sharing, listening, and skill exchange around how, as artists, academics, teachers, and community members, we might continue or begin to activate allyship in our personal and professional lives. How does the radical space of not-knowing required of us as artists and educators offer tools for new ways of thinking and acting outside our artistic and scholarly practices? What can movement and awareness in our lived body offer to this understanding? Anyone identifying as an ally or committed to the possibilities therein, regardless of race, is welcome to join. Activating Allyship was designed for and executed alongside Marbles Jumbo Radio’s POC-only workshop Wrecking Walden at the 2016 SEEDS Festival at Earthdance in Western, Massachusetts. It can be adapted for various settings.