Anus to the Future is a body of work currently in development that examines power, consent, and community through embodied practices of transmission. The image and sound piece below are from a recent performance at the Tang Museum of the first part of the project. A naked, female-bodied performer sits in the gallery space with objects. A voice-over begins and a male performer emerges from the audience to follow instructions for action. The female-bodied performer changes position twice in the space, over the course of the piece, as the male performer struggles to execute the possible and impossible requests for action. For the second component of the project, I am working with a group of 5 female and gender non-conforming people on practices that examine the director-performer dynamic by drawing from therapist-client, dominant-submissive, facilitator-participant, and caretaker-care receiver relationships. The two components of the project will be presented at Collar Works in Troy, NY this spring. 

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