coco damah (collective containers for desire and maybe also healing) is an ongoing embodied research process investigating the power and ephemerality of desire. Through collaborative, experiential, work in a non-binary feminist container, we practice collapsing the binaries between receiver/giver, dominant/submissive, teacher/student, therapy/art, past/future, abled/disabled, fact/fiction, while considering aesthetics alongside and inseparable from the potential for personal and political transformation. The resulting texts, images, videos, online performances, and community rituals will be publicly engaged in Troy, NY, at Union Seminary in NYC, and elsewhere in the spring 2019. coco damah is Hana van der Kolk, Kamryn Wolf, Senem Pirler, Lailye Weidman, and Olivia McKee.

All Dicks on Deck is a 30-minute performance/live session connected to the coco damah research, in which a man, knowing next to nothing about what will take place, follows instructions given by a voice over, which leads him through a series of intimate and challenging instructions that invite him to consider and reconfigure the limits of his subjectivity. A mystical, feminine/androgynous presence looks on in stillness. All Dicks on Deck has been performed at the Tang Museum, Saratoga Springs (NY) and Collar Works, Troy (NY) and will be enacted by a new male with each iteration.