NothingnessXXX/Airplane Mode is a multidisciplinary performance event to premier in February 2018 at Jacuzzi in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with support from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). NothingnessXXX/Airplane Mode is both a celebration and a resistance. It is a celebration of nothingness, impermanence, and non-existence, and a resistance to achievement, acquisition, and doing. It is a paradox: both a forceful demand for slowing, listening, and waiting, and a mourning of the failure for waiting to save us from our failure, It is both an act of resistance and the end of resisting, a movement towards acceptance and radical surrender to the potentiality of the moment that we might be missing when we are doing. 


nothingness sculpture.jpg

a forceful demand for slowing + waiting
a mourning of the failure for waiting to save us from our failure
the privilege of waiting + its decolonizing potential
I am in service to the space
get quite still
action arising from waiting
the objecthood of my body, an offering to the total
object not objectified
means: no decisions, no preferences
plain and simple: seeing, hearing, feeling the shape and sensation
mind defers to alternate ways of knowing
what if I can hear the space, I can hear something else inside the body other than what is most immediately apparent?
periodically give in and ride the wave of an impulse
then waiting
no success/constant state of becoming/being/questioning
action/inaction (deferring to the total)
probably stay longer
surrender reveals the next moment – don’t worry, something is still produced
quietly acknowledge distraction, desire, fear
no success
only potential
cyborgs, the desert, the eroticism of waiting