coco damah (collective containers for desire and maybe also healing) is an ongoing embodied project in collaboration with Kamryn Wolf, Master of Divinity student at Union Theological Seminary, that investigates the power and ephemerality of desire. Our current primary manifestation is 5-6-hour in-person, individualized sessions, and the creation of audio recordings and photographic images through these extended rituals. We offer these extensive personalized rituals in a deeply curious, responsive, body-positive, queer and playful container. We practice collapsing the binaries between receiver/giver, dominant/submissive, fact/fiction, therapy/art, past/future, sense/nonsense, abled/disabled, while considering aesthetics alongside and inseparable from the potential for personal and political transformation. We also offer group workshops and are working a manuscript of practices and approaches that anyone can use to explore desire, intimacy, and maybe also healing.