All Dicks on Deck emerged out of my ongoing project coco damah (collective containers for desire and maybe also healing), which researches the power, ephemerality, and conditioned nature of desire. coco damah also and acts as an embodied container through which to explore the relationship between a receiver, client or submissive, and one or more givers, facilitators, or dominants. All Dicks on Deck originally consisted (during a performance with Machine Project at the Tang Museum in 2016) of a single, naked female-bodied performer who held three still positions in the space over the course of the 15-minute performance as a voice over of instructions for a series of physical engagements and actions, which the audience was invited to imagine being executed, played. In addition to the performer, the space was occupied by several props which are referred to in the voice over instructions. At the Tang, a member of the audience spontaneously jumped up early on in the performance and began performing the instructions. The result was hilarious, awkward and tender. Thus, in the subsequent performances of All Dicks on Deck at Collar Works in Troy, NY in April 2018, a male performer (Adam Tinkle and Igor Vamos) performed the instructions before a live audience without having ever heard them before. The female-bodied performer took on a new, highly stylized persona, acting as the silent embodiment of the voice, the power in the space. The audio instructions are here:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.36.38 PM.png